Introduction into Eagle Boys

As one of Australia’s largest pizza makers with over 200 outlets, Eagle Boys Pizza are in the next phase of expanding its award winning franchise. Operating for nearly 30 years, Eagle Boys has provided business opportunities to motivated people looking to make a difference, stand out from the crowd and become a business owner.

The Eagle Boys Pizza has delivered delicious, great value pizzas in Australia since 1987 and in 2012 expanded overseas to India and is now delivering the same delicious pizzas in other international markets as Eagle Boys Pizza continues to grow.

Our brand promise is to make Eagle Boys customers the happiest customers in Australia and by that we mean everyone who is part of the Eagle Boys family – Our customers, store team members and our Franchise Business Partners. That’s what we’ve always been about and what we continue to deliver nearly 30 years after our launch.

It is an exciting time to consider joining Eagle Boys Pizza as a business partner by opening your own Eagle Boys franchise. Eagle Boys Pizza are currently seeking applications for a limited number of franchise outlets in highly sort after locations throughout Australia. As a quality franchisee you can join the Eagle Boys business partnership and support the continued growth of new locations through delicious food and exceptional service when you open your new Eagle Boys franchise store.

Are you the business person Eagle Boys is looking for?

  1. Do you have previous experience in business ownership or management or enthusiastic to learn?
  2. Have you worked in hospitality or the food industry, or do you believe you would like to?
  3. Do you love speaking to people, helping them out, getting out there and aspire to be a business leader in your local community?
  4. Will you commit yourself full time to your business and understand this is not a get rich quick scheme, rather a long term investment opportunity?
  5. Do you have financial backing to open a new store starting from $250,000 or the ability to borrow against your equity?
  6. Are you or your business partner a permanent resident of Australia?
  7. Would you or do you love leading a team of passionate staff members, motivating them and driving the very best in customer service with a smile?
  8. Are you a happy, energetic and like to take a hands-on approach?
If you have answered yes to all 7 questions congratulations keep reading! If not thank you for your time and good luck in whatever you decide to do.

Ok so you’re still reading. Let’s continue your Eagle Boys enquiry.

Why Eagle Boys is the first choice in food franchising

1. Cost-effective entry price

We keep costs down and pass on savings to Franchise Business Partners to ensure this start-up is the lowest possible cost and give you the greatest chance of success.

2. Store location and building program

Eagle Boys Pizza will assist you with store location, design, fit-out and layout – all tailored to the needs of your local community, from drive-thru to dine-in and metro to rural.

3. Franchise Business Partner training

A complete training program is coordinated and structured to suit your specific training needs. Your training will include in-house administration, marketing, operations, management and staff training.

4. Team selection and training

Selecting and employing the right people to run a successful business is a big task. We provide you with staff recruitment criteria and guidelines, along with assistance from our National Support Office team.

5. We're always right beside you

Our Training Department works with you and provides assistance leading up to and after your store opening. Our support doesn't stop there. Your local Business Development Manager from our Operations Department will support your day-to-day needs and access to all area of National Support Office is always available to support and coach you to succeed.

6. Regular visits from Support Office team members

A dedicated Business Development Manager will visit your store on a regular basis. They will coach you on how to improve your sales, profitability and general management along with improving communications and standards. This not only helps you, but also ensures the Support Office is aware of your requirements. Additionally, our Senior Leadership Team spend a significant amount of time in the field, ensuring we always have the pulse of our businesses on the ground.

7. You're in business “for yourself” but not “by yourself”

The Eagle Boys system offers group support, buying power and open and honest communication. We don’t have franchisees, we have Franchise Business Partners – we are in this together. This partnership offers strong marketing and advertising support to ensure Eagle Boys is always top of mind in your local community.

8. Australian owned and proud of it!

Eagle Boys is a 100% Australian-owned Company. Eagle Boys continues to buy Australian products from Australian companies where possible. We have been operating successfully for close to three decades and strive to always give back to our local communities.

9. Proven and dynamic brand and products

Eagle Boys is one of Australia’s best-known pizza brands. We enjoy high brand recognition and loyal customers and are supported by innovative new products and marketing initiatives. We regularly conduct market research in areas including consumer trends, product quality and future market demands. We also invest in new product development and ongoing store innovation to ensure the ongoing success of our Franchise Business Partners.

Our flexible store options

Eagle Boys main focus is imbedding our stores in the local community, which means we need to flexible in our store layout and designs to ensure we can easily meet the needs of the local community. Our flexible store options mean you can pick and choose the size and layout of your store, your fit out and even the furniture and tone of the interior.

We have stores from small kiosk fit-outs right up to dine in and drive through options and our team will work with you to identify what best suits your community and is always designed to best maximise the opportunity for our franchise business partners.

The Selection Process

We pride ourselves on making sure our Franchise Business Partners are set up to succeed and a large part of this is selecting the right candidates up front.
You will be put through an extensive screening process, which at any point will be ceased if you are not the right person for us.
  1. Initial enquiry - Simply complete our enquiry form and we will contact you to discuss your options. After receiving some initial information, if you are interested in moving forward, we will provide you with a Deed of Confidentiality and may request further information from you.
  1. Our call - Once we have received your Deed of Confidentiality, along with any other details requested, we will then contact you to arrange a time to discuss - this may be done either in person or via a conference call.
  1. Work in a store - We suggest you spend time in one of our selected Eagle Boys stores in order to observe first hand our operations, and help you gain an appreciated of the nature of the business and lifestyle of an Eagle Boys Pizza Franchise Business Partner.
  1. Investigate feasibility - Now, you should be prepared to investigate the financial feasibility of our Eagle Boys business. We strongly recommend you seek legal, financial and business advice from qualified professionals.
  1. Assessment - At this point, we will assess your suitability, both personally and financially, to establish and operate an Eagle Boys franchise. This assessment will include discussions with members of our operations team, along completion of a business plan and supporting documents.
  1. Review - From here, we will provide you with a disclosure document and a sample Franchise Agreement. We will also review your business plan and your financial arrangements. A final formal approval step will involve a panel interview at our National Support Office in Brisbane where you will discuss your business plan with a members of the Eagle Boys Senior Leadership Team.
  1. Due Diligence - Subject to approval, you will then be provided with your Franchise Agreement in order to undertake your Due Diligence. We recommend you obtain legal advice in relation to this document. Once the 14 day period has expired, you will then return your Franchise Documentation to us, along with payment of the Training and Legal fee.
  1. Training - Once we have received your Franchise Documentation and Training and Legal Fee, you will then be invited to participate in the Eagle Boys Training Program. This program is a duration of approximately five weeks and includes completion of the Eagle Boys Training College (located at our National Support Office), along with in-store training at one of our accredited Training Stores.
  1. Fit-out - Pending approval by the training department, the process of site selection and construction fit-out can commence in readiness for your store opening.