Happiness Fund

The Eagle Boys Happiness Fund

Can we make you happy?

The Eagle Boys Happiness Fund encourages nominations from charities, schools, service clubs, volunteer associations and grassroots community or sporting groups for in-kind pizza sponsorship to help share happiness!
Whether you are a large national charitable organisation, or a small local sporting club, we’d love to hear how we could help your cause through the donation of our delicious pizzas. 
Our priority is to bring happiness to those who need it most and make a real difference in the local communities in which we operate. 

Happiness Fund Criteria

  • Will bring happiness to those in need
  • Your geographic location is serviced by one of Eagle Boys Pizza stores across the country
  • Pizza/ fast food exclusivity
  • The potential pizza donation does not conflict with existing charitable partnerships 
  • The Happiness Fund is not to benefit religious, political or sectarian purposes

Nomination Form

If your organistion or group is interested in submitting your nomination for the Eagle Boys Happiness Fund, please complete the form below.

PLEASE NOTE: Donations are purely through pizza and will not be monetary. 

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